Ancol Viva 5m Retractable Lead Medium


The Ancol Viva 5m Retractable Lead allows your dog the freedom to roam and explore whilst giving you peace of mind as you remain in control.

The leash can be released or retracted at the push of a button allowing for simple and instant adjustment whenever needed.


  • Compact, stylish and comfortable to use
  • One button braking mechanism
  • Allows greater freedom for your dog in open spaces
  • Size : Medium - Ideal for dogs to the maximum weight of 30 Kg
  • Product dimensions : 19cm x 23cm x 5cm
  • Available in Black, Blue or Pink


Using a retractable lead safely and correctly

  1. Learn to operate the lead without your dog at first. Learn where the brake is, how to lock it, how to slip it and how to take back it up.
  2. Only ever use a martingale or good fitting buckle collar that can not slip over your dogs head.
  3. When walking with your dog in a crowded or dangerous location (especially roads), take up all the slack by locking the brake at the shortest possible point.
  4. Never let your dog hit the end of the lead.
  5. Do not attempt to let dogs play with each other on long leads. If they become tangled, they can hurt themselves badly.
  6. Hold onto the handle with your whole hand.


Once you and your dog have learned to use the good features of the Viva 5m Retractable Lead, relax and enjoy the additional freedom. 



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