KJK Braided Brace Slip Lead With Swivel - Control 2 Dogs

SKU: 577-63

KJK Ropeworks braided brace slip lead is a really handy addition to any busy kennel.


This brace slip lead is perfect for paddocking out the dogs and could not be easier to use - instant control over two dogs with just one lead! 


Light, strong, durable and washable.

Hand made in Great Britain from top quality soft braid with nickel plated fittings.


This lead measures 1.5 meter length, 8mm diameter and has reliable rubber stops on each collar section. A metal swivel, where the lead splits in two, helps to avoid tangling.


  • Nickel Plated Fittings
  • Size :  1.5m Length x 8mm Diameter.
  • Available Olive Green or Violet.






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